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August 2018 NewsletterAt Burlington County Foot & Ankle Assoc., Inc., we want to provide you with as much information as possible to help keep your feet and ankles healthy and strong. In our monthly newsletter you’ll find all kinds of helpful tips, from home remedies and treatment options to prevention of sports injuries and signs of trouble, if you have questions, our newsletter is a great place to find answers! So take advantage of this valuable resource. Simply visit a link below and enjoy! If there is anything else you need, please feel free to give us a call at (609) 714-0052 or visit our office in Medford, NJ. We are happy to help in any way we can

Newsletter Archive

August 2018 Avoid painful sunburn on your feet. Could your foot pain be caused by a heel spur? Find out the best ways to manage and prevent foot cramps. All this and more in our August newsletter!

July 2018 Beware of these common triggers for gout. Visit the Pine Barrens Festival and try one of Dr.DePalma's famous fried Oreos. 

June 2018 Learn how to prevent Athlete's Foot this summer. Stay active this summer and walk when it's convenient for you by joining our Facebook Walking Group for support and encouragement.

May 2018 Love your flip flops? Learn about how they can be damaging to your feet. We also dispel myths about warts and how to exercise smart. 

April 2018 This month's newsletter will show how to build balance to keep your your ankles steady, figure out whether your hammertoe needs treatment and discusses benefits and ways to keep active to help your overall health and wellness. 

March 2018  Inside this edition, discover how to keep your feet happy during a long workday, some potential causes of ball of foot pain and how to treat your ingrown toenails.

February 2018  Inside this edition, discover some simple rules to wear high heels without damaging your feet. You can also discover tips to keep dry, cracked skin at bay throughout the winter months. 

July 2017  Considering custom orthotics? Believe it or not, there’s an App for that! Learn all about it, plus get tips to keep heels happy and feet safe and stress-free!

June 2017 Keeping your kids' feet healthy is an ongoing job for parents! Our latest summer newsletter offers a few inside tips for keeping kids' feet healthy in addition to a new life hack for lacing shoes and helpful tips for high arches! 

May 2017 Inside this edition, learn more about our Keep U Walking Club, why bunions form, what the wear on your shoes says about you, and how you can manage neuropathy symptoms at home. There are even tips on exercising with kids, as well as getting a better night’s sleep. Kick off your summer with the healthy advice inside this month’s newsletter!

Inside this edition, learn more about our Keep U Walking Club, why bunions form, what the wear on your shoes says about you, and how you can manage neuropathy symptoms at home. There are even tips on exercising with kids, as well as getting a better night’s sleep. Kick off your summer with the healthy advice inside this month’s newsletter!

April 2017 - Best Foot Forward: KeryFlex Transforms Damaged Nails

March 2017 - This issue is full of tips to keep your feet healthy and safe throughout the spring! Learn how to deal with bursitis and overpronation, prevent basketball injuries, and pick out the perfect rain boot. Discover the benefits of eating green veggies, and find out some helpful hints to keep your piggies looking pretty. It’s all packed inside this edition so be sure to check it out today!

February 2017There’s a lot to love about this edition! Learn how to make some DIY foot scrubs, the best way to care for winter feet, and what you can do about edema and PAD. You’ll also find top Valentine gift ideas and lots of fun facts about feet. So, be sure to treat yourself to this issue soon!

January 2017 - Happy new year! Looking for an extra push to get your through the first few weeks of quitting smoking? Our newsletter covers smoking cessation, plus the secret to odor-free feet, a guide to healing achilles ruptures after your spill on the basketball court, an inside look at Lisfranc injuries, and more!

December 2016Inside this edition, you’ll find all sorts of festive tips, like how to make your own foot soaks and easy holiday party favors. You’ll also learn about frozen toes and Raynaud’s disease, what to do about out-toeing in kids, and how to avoid calluses on your feet. It’s all inside this issue – as stuffed as a stocking – so don’t miss it!

November 2016Check out this edition for tips on sleeping better, smoothing rough skin with a pumice stone, avoiding Charcot foot, and more. You can even read about the big football rivalry: turf vs. grass, plus find out the benefits of a gait analysis. It’s all inside this issue, so read it soon for sweet dreams, smooth skin, and healthy feet!

October 2016 - Confront your fear of sweaty feet with tips you can use every day in our October newsletter. Other treats include advice on heel spurs and flat feet, plus some fun Jack O'Lantern carving tricks that will make your pumpkins the envy of the neighborhood. All this and more are free for reading right now!

August 2016 - In our August edition, you’ll find great ideas for getting in some fun before summer’s done! You’ll also learn how to keep feet problem-free on the golf course, what to do about a stiff big toe, and how to treat teenage tarsal coalition. There’s even some info on our latest addition to the staff, so be sure to read this issue soon.

July 2016 - Shin splints and nerve pain aren't the American way. It's our patriotic duty to inform you how to avoid these debilitating conditions during the celebratory month of our nation's independence, which just so happens to be National Blueberry Month, too! Read on for footcare tips and some tasty recipes!

June 2016 - If you want to learn more about plantar fasciitis, in-toeing in children, and Morton’s neuroma, you’re in luck! This month’s newsletter provides helpful information on all of these conditions, plus tips on transitioning from indoor to outdoor walking, fun St. Patty’s Day facts, and more. Check it out today!

March 2016 - Don’t ignore your heel pain! You can manage pain caused by plantar fasciitis with tips featured in our March newsletter. While you're at it, you can find all the great reasons you should make walking your go-to workout. There's never a bad time to start! Get these and more when you read up on the latest in your foot and ankle care.

February 2016 - You’ll LOVE our February edition! It’s full of tips on showing your feet some TLC, great Valentine’s craft ideas for kids, reasons why eating chocolate is a good thing, and more! Want to stop your ankles from being wobbly? Interested in how orthotics can help you? It’s all inside this issue, so be sure to check it out today. 

January 2016 - Get great tips for a healthy new year inside this edition. Learn how you can break your high heel habit, recover faster with physical therapy, stay on your feet with balance exercises, and please your Super Bowl party crowd with a delicious appetizer recipe!  You can also find out how to keep diabetic feet happy with a safe bedtime routine, and discover how to end your arch pain with orthotics. Resolve to read all this and more today!

December 2015 - Our December edition is full of tips and ideas to make your holidays bright! You’ll find a recipe for a homemade foot scrub—a great DIY gift! Also, learn what to look for in diabetic socks, as well as how to take care of tired feet, avoid stress fractures, and even get your kids to unplug! You can read it all inside this issue, so check it out soon! 

November 2015 - This month’s edition takes a closer look at hereditary foot conditions, sesamoiditis treatments, and the steps it takes to perform a diabetic self-foot exam. You can also get some tips on keeping those holiday leftovers fresh, plus enjoy a delicious recipe in honor of National Peanut Butter Lovers Month! It’s all inside our November issue, so don’t miss it!

October 2015 - Take a look inside this month’s edition to learn all about our new location, help with corns and black toenails, how to prevent falls and stay safe on Halloween, plus a whole lot more! You can even find out how to support us in our 5k walk against breast cancer, so be sure to check out this issue today!

August 2015 - Check out this month’s newsletter for a couple of laughs and a bunch of helpful information! Inside this issue, you’ll find two of our favorite jokes as well as tips on soothing sore feet, preventing falls, and treating bunionettes and Sever’s disease. You can also learn more about our soon-to-be new location, so be sure to read our August edition today!

July 2015 - Inside our July newsletter you’ll learn some great water exercises to fit into your summer fun, find out about hammertoe treatments and neuropathy symptoms, and read all about barefoot running. You’ll even discover for yourself why Dr. John DePalma is known as the Master of Fried Oreos! Take a peek inside.

June 2015 - Browse our June newsletter to find out how to stop plantar fasciitis pain, what you can eat to feel more energized, how to tell what kind of arch you have, and more! You’ll even find ideas for healthy summer snacks and tips on staying blister-free. So, come on and take a look!

May 2015 - Kick off summer with some great tips on sun safety, sandal shopping, bike sizing, and more. You can even find a delicious recipe to try and learn how biomechanics affect your feet. It’s all inside our May newsletter just waiting for you to enjoy!

April 2015 - Spring has sprung! Now’s the perfect time to find out all about our new location; learn how to avoid foot fungus; discover the benefits of jumping rope; determine what to do if you break your toe, and more! From spring sports to seasonal tips, we’ve got you covered in our April edition.

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